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9/9/2016Dam, its been a while!! Forgot how fun it was to update and scan my artwork. Dunno if anyone even looks at rubberslug anymore. But I gotta say, it still gives me great satisfaction to update my gallery hehe. Didn't think it would cuz I've neglected it for so long. Well I hope you guys enjoy the new updates: One Piece, Flame of Recca, and Fruits Basket!!
10/28/2015Apologize for the lag in the updates for HYD, couldn't upload the images...Fortunately, seems like Jason fixed it though, so the cel images are up today! Yay!!
8/27/2015New layout, HALLELUJAH!! You know what that means...I'm done with school! Well, not exactly, I still have one last exam to do before I'm officially done done hehe. My gallery was in desperate need for a new facelift. Now with more free time on my hands, I can finally get around to scanning my poorly neglected artwork, yay! :)
6/10/2015I'm starting to think this "christmas" layout will remain until christmas comes again this yr lol I apologize to the visitors of my gallery...dental school is a living hell right now. I need my diploma -_-

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Title Last Updated
Anime Beta Awards 2/13/2013
Autographs/Shikishi 1/15/2013
AX Fan Art 9/21/2015
Beelzebub 8/12/2012
Big Windup! 10/13/2010
Bleach 6/22/2014
Eyeshield 21 11/30/2012
Flame of Recca 9/9/2016
Fruits Basket 9/9/2016
Fullmetal Alchemist 3/23/2010
Get Backers 12/3/2012
Hana Yori Dango 10/26/2015
Hana Yori Dango Genga 6/22/2014
Heidi's Song 2/28/2011
Hellsing Ultimate 1/6/2014
Hikaru no Go 9/12/2012
Junjou Romantica 9/10/2010
My Artwork :P 12/10/2009
Naruto 9/8/2015
Naruto Background 7/1/2011
Naruto Hanken 7/26/2010
Naruto OP/ED 12/10/2010
Naruto Repro Cels 9/29/2013
Naruto Settei 6/24/2013
One Piece 8/15/2013
One Piece Repro Cels 9/9/2016
Prince of Tennis 3/8/2010
Saiyuki Reload 7/23/2010
Slam Dunk 2/27/2014
Slam Dunk Genga 6/2/2011
Trigun 11/13/2012
xxxHolic 12/13/2012
Yaoi 3/24/2011
Yu-Gi-Oh! 1/29/2014

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