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A list of all my favorite anime:
One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, xxxHolic, Hellsing Ultimate, Toriko, Hunter x Hunter (2011), Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu!, Kiki's Delivery Service, Trigun, Beelzebub, Fruits Basket, Hana Yori Dango, BECK, Death Note, Eyeshield 21, Black Lagoon, Claymore, Over Drive, Get Backers, Hikaru no Go, Flame of Recca, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Close the Last Door, and One Outs.

News & Updates

7/6/2014Went to AX this yr, don't know if its just me, but it was just way too crowded! Don't remember it being this crazy and packed last time I went. The lines weren't too fun either. The one thing that I really liked was how much bigger the artist alley has gotten. There were so many amazing artists! I wasn't counting on buying anything...and what do you know I ended up buying quite a few fan-art pieces. Enjoy the fan-art update!
6/22/2014Its been a while! School and life got in the way these past couple months...so enjoy the updates for HYD and Bleach ^__^
1/30/2014Slam Dunk, Yugioh, and HYD updated! :)
1/6/2014Naruto aaaand Hellsing! :D

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Title Last Updated
Anime Beta Awards 2/13/2013
Autographs/Shikishi 1/15/2013
AX Fan Art 7/7/2014
Beelzebub 8/12/2012
Big Windup! 10/13/2010
Bleach 6/22/2014
Eyeshield 21 11/30/2012
Flame of Recca 12/12/2013
Fruits Basket 8/15/2013
Fullmetal Alchemist 3/23/2010
Get Backers 12/3/2012
Hana Yori Dango 2/2/2014
Hana Yori Dango Genga 6/22/2014
Heidi's Song 2/28/2011
Hellsing Ultimate 1/6/2014
Hikaru no Go 9/12/2012
Junjou Romantica 9/10/2010
My Artwork :P 12/10/2009
Naruto 1/6/2014
Naruto Background 7/1/2011
Naruto Hanken 7/26/2010
Naruto OP/ED 12/10/2010
Naruto Repro Cels 9/29/2013
Naruto Settei 6/24/2013
One Piece 8/15/2013
One Piece Repro Cels 9/30/2014
Prince of Tennis 3/8/2010
Saiyuki Reload 7/23/2010
Slam Dunk 2/27/2014
Slam Dunk Genga 6/2/2011
Trigun 11/13/2012
xxxHolic 12/13/2012
Yaoi 3/24/2011
Yu-Gi-Oh! 1/29/2014

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